Sabtu, 23 Juli 2011


Once I write an update about my novels, but as you well know I didn't do much about it. Somehow I turn to lazy to do anything about it yet. But I'll have a very long vacation starting this month and well, I've decide to finish at least one of them.

Although you might want to know that I have two brand new novels that I was thinking to make. But I suspend that for awhile because I already have to many of them. Any way one of the call One and No Other, but I'm still thinking about the other one. Might be take awhile as well but, blegh, I write what's in my head and I'm going to stick on it. -_-"

wish me luck than.... Oh, and I will tell you about my brand new novel soon... Am going to write it here... as well as the Magix Princess, and this time I'm going to write it in English....

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