Minggu, 24 Juli 2011

One and No Other (Chapter 1 Part 3)

She was what he would think as a little woman. Adorable and all. Amazingly, he was on the run and here he was inside a small supermarket hiding and when he walked there's the adorable little woman. She might not notice it but he been looking at her as he step in to the store. Now he was standing at beverages stall deciding and waiting if the men that been following him realize that he was still inside the store or decide that he would go away than back later. Somehow it was a big betting for him. Since he was being chase almost for three months and he still didn't know why he was being chase on. And damn it all he was tired of it.

And than he heard her laughing voices, "Yes, yes. Now let's get to work." He turn around just right in time to see her bending down to get the fruit out the box. But his attention was right the two nice little bottom he ever see. But, before he was being obvious he turn his attention back to the beverages stall and take a coffee can and goes to the cashier. But he decide that he's not going to go out of this place. Since the man not going to make trouble that right in front of public. But they would strike him as soon as he walk out from the store. And right now he doesn't have to energy to fight them yet.

"Sillia, put that box inside. It's all full here." The little woman said to her friend. He's still wondering why such a beauty and he would bet that she's smart as well, would want to work in this kind of place. Perhaps not the supermarket but the neighbor is such a nightmare for a little woman like her to live in.

"Okay. So it's lunch time?" The little woman said with such enthusiast that makes the little woman laughed. God, how he could get use to the little woman laugh and smile. And her voice as well.

"Yes, yes. Lunch time. We just have to check in with the boss first."

And he watch both woman walking to the work room, but not before he see her face smiling to her friend. And the most weird part is that he felt comfort watching her smile. And so he just walked around the store. Deciding that he would wait until later to go out from the place. A little bit entertainment wouldn't be so bad after all he been through this past few months.

Chapter One Part Three done.

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