Senin, 25 Juli 2011

One and No Other (Chapter 1 Part 5)

The only thing that let me not to melt all over was that he said lil' woman to me. Now that I think of him he's top me at least one foot or even more, and I never felt so self-concious of my height. Benedict, my brother, does top me, but since I thought him as my baby brother, that's why I never need to count about his height. But this was different. He was someone I just know, help me once and saved me once. And, well it's just a new novelty. Than I look to his laughing blue eyes, and it was one of the bluest eyes I ever see.

"Are you a Spaniard?" I asked. Since by his name he supposed to be a Spanish. "I do. At least half Spanish. My mother came from Boston." he said."I see. Where do you live? Or are you new here?" I asked. If I'm not a very sensitive person I wouldn't notice that he's stiffen a bit when I asked that.

"Yes, I'm new here. I just arrived today." he answered.

I look at him more carefully than said, "Are you the one who was being chase instead of me? I mean if I felt dangerous before this I would already left this town." I said. but that's when I realize I told him something I shouldn't have. He raised his eye brow but there's shock to in his eyes. Either I said something right or he thinks if what I said worth to know.

"Why do you being chase?" he asked slowly. "I didn't say that I was being chase." I said defensively. Amazing that we just know each other a few minutes ago and he act as if I have to answer everything to him. But before I could said anything, we heard the same foot step, or the running steps before. Instinctively I press myself deeper the the alley but what surprise me is that Elian hide me with his height and big body. He pose as a sheild and we hide inside the darkness. And I was hopeful for the foot steps to go away from here.

Chapter One Part Five done.

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