Senin, 25 Juli 2011

Elian and Chastity (Anime Version)

Elian Hernandes. At least this is the anime Version. Dark hair and the most important part, blue eyes are definitely a killer. Hot shot and a badass, Elian always  think of the person that important to him first before he put himself. Such a attitude is the good and weak point of his. But that's why I love him very much.

I make Octavia from Tears of Tiara as the image of Chastity Summer. Cool and calm as bit as bad ass as any ararck girl is. Chastity might be look sof and fragile at times, but as any ararck is she had the instinct for fighting as second nature. Long blonde hair make her look adorable at time.

So this is my Two main characters in One and No Other. I would post the real human version soon enough.

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