Senin, 25 Juli 2011

One and No Other (Chapter 2 Part 1)

I don't how long we stand like that, but I was sure it's not very long. Although for me it was like hours, and it seems everything move very slowly. If I was found out in this kind of place, I wouldn't know what to do with Benedict. He's going to be a fit fight, and would try to find me. If I'm not being killed first that is. "I think we're saves." Suddenly Elian tell me.

"Are you sure?" I whisepered. "Yes. The man is gone." he said. It such a surprise that he knows how much the man actually is and if he was gone or not. I don't what should I make of him. "How long do you think before he would search this place again?" I asked. I turned around just in time to watch his sigh. "It would at least another hour. Since he been doing this for hours no days."

"So he is chasing you." I said. Although it was not a question, he still nodded as a confirmation. "Why?" I asked. Elian seems to consider if he should tell me why, and he seems not so sure if I could be trust. I don't know why, but I feel that I want him to trust me. He seems the kind of person who wouldn't trust any body fast and he's cautious person. However, after all this, though not that much, I want him to trust me. Since I already tell him something that I shouldn't say. An ararck present never should get notice by a mere human. All the have to think is that we are one of them. But once we were found out or feel threaten we have to move from the town we live.

"It's kind a long story." Elian said.

"I have time and a comfortable house near by with food waiting to talk in." I said hopefully.

Elian look blank at me for awhile, and than give me a smile. "You know, lil' woman, you have something that some people said annoying. But you're persistent you know that." He said to me. "Yes. Everyone that knows me said that about me. As well as stubborn and opinionate." I said to him, which turn his smile to a grinned. "Alright than, show the house of yours." he said to me. And I just hope he wouldn't notice the house that my brother cast.

Chapter Two Part One done.

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