Minggu, 24 Juli 2011

One and No Other (Chapter 1 Part 4)

I wasn't sure what happen, but I know that today's the most weirdest day I ever had. Not to mention the most excited day I ever had too. I was just finish my last day work. It was eight o'clock at night and I was saying good bye to my boss and Sillia who would work until midnight. Until then everything seems to be normal. But as I walk back home. I felt that someone actually following me but not so sure if it's true. I never thought that I would be found in this place. I mean this is might not be the perfect place to live but most of the people still a human not an ararck just like us.

But when I felt that the person still following, I start to walk faster. I don't know what to do except that, since it would be trouble some if I start a riot here. As time goes, I keep up my pace until I actually running. It's official, I thought, that I would never stalk someone because it's so creepy to be follow even when you run as fast as you could run. I was running and checking, actually I look behind to look who's trying to follow me when someone take me to the alley and close my mouth with his big hand when I try to scream. "Be quiet." I heard the hard whispered and surprise that I kind a know that voice.

I still my body and focus on the footsteps of the one who follow me. And then the running footsteps goes by the alley untol I couldn't hear the sound anymore. And that's when I relax my body. And the hand that shut my mouth released. I took a few deep breath before looking to the person who saved me. Again.

Yes, it's the same person who saved me today from falling down with a heavy box. "Thank you." I whispered to the man. "Your welcome." He said.

I don't know why such a gorgeous guy actually come out in this kind of place but I'm grateful that he was here. "No I mean it. I never had this kind of experience before." And out of nowhere the guy suddenly smile with amusement at me. Well at least a half smile. "Well, since you actually saved two times in one day today. It would be such a shame if I didn't know your name."

Than I gasped, "Well that's impolite of me. I should give you my name first. I'm Chastity Summer. I live around here." Then he give me a full smile this time, and I have to fight from melting because his smile. Than with his deep and sexy voices he said, "I'm Elian Hernandes. Nice to meet you, lil' woman."

Chapter One Part Four done.

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