Minggu, 24 Juli 2011

One and No Other (Chapter 1 part 2)

He was one heck of a guy when I first saw him come in to the small supermarket where I work. Tall, dark and brooding. Yeah, that's kind of guy that I have a soft spot of. Benedict always scowled me that why I have to like that kind of guy. but one thing that I noted that he was different from the guy I usually saw is that he was tense. But for all I care was that he simply gorgeous. Well gorgeous for a guy at least. "Chastity? Would you help me to put the fresh fruit?" That was my coworker. Sillia, although she said that to me, her eyes where on the man that come in just a few second ago. Just like my eyes were fix. "Sillia. I think we should work now. I mean this is my last day right?"

Sillia at least had the grace to look sheepish when she turn her attention back to me and the fruit box bellow us. "Sorry." She said. "Don't mind me. I know what you're thinking. But back to work." I said to her. We took the box one buy one to where the fresh fruit were to be place when I slip and almost fall down, but thanks a strong arm that hold my arm and took the box out my hand, I didn't. "Are you alright?" A silky deep male voice asked me. When I look up, it was the guy that I watch walked in to the supermarket a few minutes ago. "I'm fine. Thank you." He just give a nodded of acknowledge than give me back the box. "Be careful than." And another nodded he left me with my friend.

Sillia look at me with a wide awed eyes than whispered to me, "Oh my god! Did you hear his voice?"

I shook my head, "Of course I heard it. He was asking me." Than we laughed to each other. This is always happen when some cute or hot guys come in to supermarket. Sillia and I would always drooling of them before working back. "Well, we should put this thing than."

"Sure, sure. Than you could treat me for lunch. I mean this is your last day working here."

I laughed again, "Yes, yes. I treat for lunch, now work."

Chapter One Part Two done.

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