Sabtu, 23 Juli 2011

One and No Other (Chapter 1 Part 1)

I've put the pen I used when I heard my younger brother walk in to the library. Benedict Summer, or sometimes called Ben or Benedict is my younger brother in three years old. Amazingly we've going famously even after we reach the age of twenty. I'm twenty five years which make Benedict twenty-one years. But amazingly he sometimes still actin like he was eleven. But we only have each other after our parents tragic death fours and a half years ago, so it might one of the reason we stick together and he depend on me just like I depend on him. The only difference is that I'm still holding thr finance control while he doing all the spending. But even with all his money spending bad habit, he still my brother and I would always love him for being it.

"Chas, isn't it about time that you go to work." Benedict reminded me. "Of course. I've finish writing this. I would go now. Oh, if you're hungry there's last night chicken legs. You could heat it up." I said while standing up. Benedict goes to the bookshelf and search for something. He was not a book person but than again sometimes he would hold a book that actually interest him. " Yeah. Thanks. Now hurry up before you're late and your pay check would be down size by the end of the month."

I chuckles hearing that. Benedict knows how to push the button on me so I could do somethi g faster to suit him. But not today. Today is my last day working and tomorrow would be his turn to do it. So I would enjoy last day of working before doing some housework duty. And of course Benedict didn't look foward at the prospect working at a 24 hours small supemarket. But that's the only decend job here so I guess he couldn't complain much. I walk to the door and pick up my bag on the small table beside the shoes shelf and than yell, "I'm going now. Take good care of the house."

But I know that my brother didn't hear me if he actually stay in the library. Which mean that he had some books to read. I don't mind it. Since I couldn't afford money to give him a proper education, it still amaze me that he want to read a book. And so with a smile on my face I go to work didn't realize that today would change my life forever, just like the day when my parents died.

Chapter 1 part 1 done.

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