Minggu, 31 Juli 2011

One and No Other (Chapter 2 Part 2)

Evidently the lil' woman's house was not far. The house look small and old from the outside but inside... Well, you could it was big enough for two people livin' in it. Not to mention the house look more high tech than all the house he see. It makes him curious as well as make him cautious. Whoever the lil' woman is, she's not what he seems to think. She lives with her younger brother by three years. He had a blonde hair though a bit darker than his sister had. And the same green eyes. Just like an emerald. "Sis, what took you so long to home?" Her brother asked. The lil' woman shrugged and answered with an annoying grinned, "Well, this and that."

The little brother tsked and said, "You have to have better answer than that!"

"Nope, now go out just like you plan too, before I kicked you out." The lil' woman said. Her brother scowled but do just exactly like she said, "I'm going now." The lil' woman goes to the kitchen and called him, "Now. Eating time!" Elian chuckled. The lil' woman is bossy. But he follow anyway. He was starving and he owe the little woman a explanation.

When he got in to the kitchen, he found out that the kitchen was a complete different than the entire house. It's cozy and it's more a nature type of kitchen. The kitchen used lots of wood. Well, it's like a cabin kitchen if you need more description. It was lovely. And he would bet that the kitchen is the heart of this house instead the living room.

"You like it?" The lil' woman suddenly asked. He look to the lil' woman in confusion. "The kitchen?" She clarified. He nodded and sit to the chair at the counter. "It's cozy."

"Well, I love it as well. Benedict did a great job this time." She said with a pride for her younger brother. Than she turn around, take out a dish and put the food on the top of it. "Is pasta okay with you?" She asked though already put the plate in front of him. The dish is mouth watering, but the real reason is that he miss pasta. "Yeah, I haven't eat pasta for ages." He said. The lil' woman smile at him with an understanding. "I know. It's a luxury for us just could eat this stuff."

Elian rise an eye brow, but the lil' woman just pointed the food and he got the picture. Eat first then talk. Hopefully he got answer just like she does about him.

Chapter Two Part Two done.

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