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Play By! Play By! Play By!

So I've been trying to find play-by for "One and No Other" Characters, but I seems to be utterly fail and I only got one of them. So I need you guys help to find them, and I would tell the character personalities and feature so you could search the perfect play-by for our characters.

  • Elian : Elian had dark hair and blue eyes (I would prefer icy blue but I would say it already hard enough to search for the right Play-by so I just stick with a simple blue eyes). Elian was well-build just like any normal man are, and he has a very intuitive instinct. He's a good listener, though he might be a little bit temparement when it comes to the safety of people he care about. Elian was distant though he was polite enough to his acquantinces , but he keep a barrier between them and himself. It is a surprise that he was easily opened that barrier for Chastity.
  • Zakary : Zakary was as tall as Elian surprising for his age. He was well-build as well though not as well build as Elian due his age. Zakary had the same blonde hair as his sister and the striking green eyes he got from his mother. Zakary was polite, easy going and easily excited about something. He was also a geek about the Arcarck which seems to be funny since he was an Arcarck himself. Zakary was more studious than Chastity though he still complain about studying just like any normal teenage would do. And as much as he hates doing something for his sister, Zakary would be protective to his sister when he need to protect her from anything. Which is why he study about his power more than Chastity about her.
  • As for Chastity I would put Teresa Palmer as the playby because she had the perfect attidtude for Chastity. Chastity could be sweet and nice at one moment and she could kick your ass another second. She was calm and if not a little bit of a teaser. Chastity needs to grew up faster than the girl in her usual age due to her and Zakary parents death. Chastity had the tedency to do something on the heart beat rather than thinking about the consequence first. She was a mother hen to her only brother, Zakary, and wasn't afraid to kick another person when she found out that he or she hurt her brother (though this happened when both Chastity and Zakary was younger)
So this is the Characters I need play-by for now. I would post more about the play-by and etc later on when another characters comes out at the novel. Also if you feel that you found someone better for Chastity Play-by don't be shy to recomend it because I always open for insider and feed back also idea.

Arcarck's Categories

So there's tons of Arcarck's Categories. I would put all of them now from highest regards of the arcarcks to the common's one. At the end of the post I would tell you how the arcarck's line age goes.

  • White Svyashehennik Arcarck (Priest Arcarck) : The Svyashehennik Starche and The Svyashehennik Mladshii.
  • Pink Meditsinskie Arcarck (Healer Arcarck) : The Himicheskaya, The Sila, The Sveta and the Metso
  • Blue Voin Arcarck (Knight Arcarck) : The Voin Sword, Voin Spears, Voin Pierce, Voin Arrow, Voin Machete, Voin Twin Sword, Voin Flute, Voin Moon Sword and Voin Staff.
  • Green Zaklinatel' Arcarck (Magician): Green Fell, Green Brake, Green Cold, Green Stone, Green Fly, Green Stream, Green Ground.
  • Yellow Telepaticheskii (It meant telepath but I make this as Seer) : Teleport Arcarck, Readmind Arcarck, Teritory's Maker Arcarck, Prophet Arcarck
  • Black Smert' Arcarck (The Evil Arcarck) : Smert' Zharit', Smert' Dark, Smert' Manipulative
  • Red Ubiistvo Arcarck (The assasins arcarck) : The assasins Arcarck is devided into six group, depending on how they are killed their target, which in massal, slowly, fast, brutal, mind and destroyer. Also the red arcarcks are from the good arcarck who got cursed and evil casted by the Black Arcarck. So it is not going to be a surprise if they are actually had the power of the other arcarck. For example if the a Red Arcarck could do a spell casting around the stream it meant that he or she was an ex of the Green Stream Arcarck.
So that's the Arcarck's Categories. Next is how the arcarck lineage goes. The lineages of the Arcarck actually is pretty simple. A boy arcarck would follow their father arcarckish and a girl would follow their mother arcarckish. For example, Chastity is the Pink Sila, which mean her mother is a Pink arcarck as well, they would fall on the same arcarck group but it can be on the same capability or not. Or like Zakary, he was a Green Brake Arcarck just like their father. As for Chastity and Zakary mother's, she is a Himicheskaya Arcarck.

So there you have it guys! I wouldn't use all the Arcarck because seriously there are so many of them. But I just put it because it would give you guys the picture what kind of Arcarck the characters are.

PS: Elian is at the Voin Sword Arcarck which mean he could use bunch swords because he had the ability to go well with a sword type. :)

Plot, Plot, Plot

So this is the plot that I have in mind for the "One and No Other" novel, which the one I wrote in this blog. So, for the time being it would seems that I want Chastity and Elian would revealed their true identity as an Ararck. Which I would found it would be interesting that the two of them are quite suspicious to one to the other. Elian was a famous blue ararck knight, which it would shock the out Chastity and makes her think twice about what she should do with the man. All I could think for right now is that, and I want to involve Zachary when he return back home after he goes out. I want to make Zachary to be a geek around ararck's world and he's reaction need to be more interesting. 

Anyhow that's for now, and I need comment and help for getting the idea for the plot. It would be interesting if I have more option than what I have right now. 

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So, it's been a long time since the last time I actually post something. But I've been busy and I'm just feeling better. But I'll try to post more about my novel and what comes with it. I introuduce you to a novel name A.n.D last year, if I'm not mistaking, and I finally got the playby for each of the characters that come out in the first book. I would post it soon. Also, I have another idea for a brand new novel and I would post the idea, plot and the characters personalities as well. I would love feed back about this brand new novel, because first I need help to come out with the names. I don't feel like using name that close to the characters from my other novel. It is very frustrating when you couldn't come up with names because than I couldn't start the novel, lol. Next I would say this is about the novel I posted here, I might need a plot helping and have insider from the reader, so please post comment when I writting about the plot of the novel if you interested. And lastly of course I would post the continuation of the "One and No Other" novel.

Happy reading, and comments are always welcome.

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One and No Other (Chapter 2 Part 2)

Evidently the lil' woman's house was not far. The house look small and old from the outside but inside... Well, you could it was big enough for two people livin' in it. Not to mention the house look more high tech than all the house he see. It makes him curious as well as make him cautious. Whoever the lil' woman is, she's not what he seems to think. She lives with her younger brother by three years. He had a blonde hair though a bit darker than his sister had. And the same green eyes. Just like an emerald. "Sis, what took you so long to home?" Her brother asked. The lil' woman shrugged and answered with an annoying grinned, "Well, this and that."

The little brother tsked and said, "You have to have better answer than that!"

"Nope, now go out just like you plan too, before I kicked you out." The lil' woman said. Her brother scowled but do just exactly like she said, "I'm going now." The lil' woman goes to the kitchen and called him, "Now. Eating time!" Elian chuckled. The lil' woman is bossy. But he follow anyway. He was starving and he owe the little woman a explanation.

When he got in to the kitchen, he found out that the kitchen was a complete different than the entire house. It's cozy and it's more a nature type of kitchen. The kitchen used lots of wood. Well, it's like a cabin kitchen if you need more description. It was lovely. And he would bet that the kitchen is the heart of this house instead the living room.

"You like it?" The lil' woman suddenly asked. He look to the lil' woman in confusion. "The kitchen?" She clarified. He nodded and sit to the chair at the counter. "It's cozy."

"Well, I love it as well. Benedict did a great job this time." She said with a pride for her younger brother. Than she turn around, take out a dish and put the food on the top of it. "Is pasta okay with you?" She asked though already put the plate in front of him. The dish is mouth watering, but the real reason is that he miss pasta. "Yeah, I haven't eat pasta for ages." He said. The lil' woman smile at him with an understanding. "I know. It's a luxury for us just could eat this stuff."

Elian rise an eye brow, but the lil' woman just pointed the food and he got the picture. Eat first then talk. Hopefully he got answer just like she does about him.

Chapter Two Part Two done.

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One and No Other (Chapter 2 Part 1)

I don't how long we stand like that, but I was sure it's not very long. Although for me it was like hours, and it seems everything move very slowly. If I was found out in this kind of place, I wouldn't know what to do with Benedict. He's going to be a fit fight, and would try to find me. If I'm not being killed first that is. "I think we're saves." Suddenly Elian tell me.

"Are you sure?" I whisepered. "Yes. The man is gone." he said. It such a surprise that he knows how much the man actually is and if he was gone or not. I don't what should I make of him. "How long do you think before he would search this place again?" I asked. I turned around just in time to watch his sigh. "It would at least another hour. Since he been doing this for hours no days."

"So he is chasing you." I said. Although it was not a question, he still nodded as a confirmation. "Why?" I asked. Elian seems to consider if he should tell me why, and he seems not so sure if I could be trust. I don't know why, but I feel that I want him to trust me. He seems the kind of person who wouldn't trust any body fast and he's cautious person. However, after all this, though not that much, I want him to trust me. Since I already tell him something that I shouldn't say. An ararck present never should get notice by a mere human. All the have to think is that we are one of them. But once we were found out or feel threaten we have to move from the town we live.

"It's kind a long story." Elian said.

"I have time and a comfortable house near by with food waiting to talk in." I said hopefully.

Elian look blank at me for awhile, and than give me a smile. "You know, lil' woman, you have something that some people said annoying. But you're persistent you know that." He said to me. "Yes. Everyone that knows me said that about me. As well as stubborn and opinionate." I said to him, which turn his smile to a grinned. "Alright than, show the house of yours." he said to me. And I just hope he wouldn't notice the house that my brother cast.

Chapter Two Part One done.

One and No Other (Chapter 1 Part 5)

The only thing that let me not to melt all over was that he said lil' woman to me. Now that I think of him he's top me at least one foot or even more, and I never felt so self-concious of my height. Benedict, my brother, does top me, but since I thought him as my baby brother, that's why I never need to count about his height. But this was different. He was someone I just know, help me once and saved me once. And, well it's just a new novelty. Than I look to his laughing blue eyes, and it was one of the bluest eyes I ever see.

"Are you a Spaniard?" I asked. Since by his name he supposed to be a Spanish. "I do. At least half Spanish. My mother came from Boston." he said."I see. Where do you live? Or are you new here?" I asked. If I'm not a very sensitive person I wouldn't notice that he's stiffen a bit when I asked that.

"Yes, I'm new here. I just arrived today." he answered.

I look at him more carefully than said, "Are you the one who was being chase instead of me? I mean if I felt dangerous before this I would already left this town." I said. but that's when I realize I told him something I shouldn't have. He raised his eye brow but there's shock to in his eyes. Either I said something right or he thinks if what I said worth to know.

"Why do you being chase?" he asked slowly. "I didn't say that I was being chase." I said defensively. Amazing that we just know each other a few minutes ago and he act as if I have to answer everything to him. But before I could said anything, we heard the same foot step, or the running steps before. Instinctively I press myself deeper the the alley but what surprise me is that Elian hide me with his height and big body. He pose as a sheild and we hide inside the darkness. And I was hopeful for the foot steps to go away from here.

Chapter One Part Five done.