Sabtu, 23 Juli 2011

One And No Other (Prologue)

In life you'll never know what will happen to the person that you always think they are nice to you to be as nice as he or she really is. Some people would see that in life you could do the same thing everyday and think that that's going to happen the same. They would live tha way they knew, feeling that it's what they suppose to do. They would always see the good side of this life could present. When they saw problems they would think that this is life suppose to be and just take it one step at a time.

However, those people who only see and enjoy the one side of the part would never know how life suppose to be. Beyond all hat goodness in life, there's another part that called the nightmare of reality. People that have to work until they last blood just to have something to eat for their family. Someone that hate too much about the other and didn't feel the bad of it when he or she took their life away. Or someone that actually happy over someone pain. Laughing at it, having a good watch at it and than abandon all of them. Some people would rather be blind of their suffer rather than help them. All this was the dark side of the life.

And me, as a matter a fact, is living in that kind of world. It was not my choice but faith as you all may know, always have their own way. Perhaps I was raise from a very finr world, however it changes a few back years ago when the dark side of ararck finally revived and decide to take down all the ararck. Now my brother and I are force to live in the world that people said only bring painful memory as well as poverty. But somehow both of us could find the meaning of life itelf. It doesn't matter where we live, but as long as you know how to manage your life, you will have it as just like you living in the perfect happily-ever-after.

So this is my story, sign, Chastity Summer, March 17th 20xx.

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