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Arcarck's Categories

So there's tons of Arcarck's Categories. I would put all of them now from highest regards of the arcarcks to the common's one. At the end of the post I would tell you how the arcarck's line age goes.

  • White Svyashehennik Arcarck (Priest Arcarck) : The Svyashehennik Starche and The Svyashehennik Mladshii.
  • Pink Meditsinskie Arcarck (Healer Arcarck) : The Himicheskaya, The Sila, The Sveta and the Metso
  • Blue Voin Arcarck (Knight Arcarck) : The Voin Sword, Voin Spears, Voin Pierce, Voin Arrow, Voin Machete, Voin Twin Sword, Voin Flute, Voin Moon Sword and Voin Staff.
  • Green Zaklinatel' Arcarck (Magician): Green Fell, Green Brake, Green Cold, Green Stone, Green Fly, Green Stream, Green Ground.
  • Yellow Telepaticheskii (It meant telepath but I make this as Seer) : Teleport Arcarck, Readmind Arcarck, Teritory's Maker Arcarck, Prophet Arcarck
  • Black Smert' Arcarck (The Evil Arcarck) : Smert' Zharit', Smert' Dark, Smert' Manipulative
  • Red Ubiistvo Arcarck (The assasins arcarck) : The assasins Arcarck is devided into six group, depending on how they are killed their target, which in massal, slowly, fast, brutal, mind and destroyer. Also the red arcarcks are from the good arcarck who got cursed and evil casted by the Black Arcarck. So it is not going to be a surprise if they are actually had the power of the other arcarck. For example if the a Red Arcarck could do a spell casting around the stream it meant that he or she was an ex of the Green Stream Arcarck.
So that's the Arcarck's Categories. Next is how the arcarck lineage goes. The lineages of the Arcarck actually is pretty simple. A boy arcarck would follow their father arcarckish and a girl would follow their mother arcarckish. For example, Chastity is the Pink Sila, which mean her mother is a Pink arcarck as well, they would fall on the same arcarck group but it can be on the same capability or not. Or like Zakary, he was a Green Brake Arcarck just like their father. As for Chastity and Zakary mother's, she is a Himicheskaya Arcarck.

So there you have it guys! I wouldn't use all the Arcarck because seriously there are so many of them. But I just put it because it would give you guys the picture what kind of Arcarck the characters are.

PS: Elian is at the Voin Sword Arcarck which mean he could use bunch swords because he had the ability to go well with a sword type. :)

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